Welcome to nomad city, a nomadic village researching education, permaculture, household structurescommunity building in the city of Hasselt. We will activate unused plots of lands near schools and neighborhoods to initiate workshops, lectures, permaculture projects and neigborhood communities in which education and life are intertwined.

This website is a tool on which we gather all our projects and knowledge. Everyone is invited to add information and insights to our nomad city database.Within this file we want to grow a collective mind that gathers and shares information to easily spread ideas when it comes to a new (old) way of living.

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In Nomad City we research the way we live together. Aspects and evidences of sleeping, communicating and eating are questioned by the way we live. For the exhibition Salon de lavage we focus on the action of washing, the regular task of taking care of ones body, clothes, objects. We’re searching for 5 artists, theorists, enthousiasts who translate washing in an artistic, academic, creative manner and who question the concept of this household task. The exhibition will open on the weekend of 29/7 - 30/7 and is part of the festive Gathering 3 of Nomad City. It will take place in the exhibition and atelier place, Fax, Maastrichterstraat 9 Hasselt.
There is a participant fee of 100€ per person, all included.
If you’re interested, please fill in the google form

If something sparks your interest in today’s educational system, chances are low that the same topic will be addressed in one of your classes. We want to create spaces in which education and life can be intertwined, by organizing workshops that are born from an intrinsic motivation and curiosity.

We want to rethink neighborhoods and schools while using the three fundamental permaculture principles: Take care of the earth; Take care of the people; Take only your fair share (and return any surplus). By organizing events such as a workshop on wild edible plants or a harvest festival with neighborhoods, we want to make people aware of the environment from which they are dependent

The ‘nomad lands’ on which we park our homes will also be used to research our domestic behavior. How do we cook, eat, shower, sleep, wash... and how are these activities connected to our natural environment? By designing atypical houses, organizing participatory eating installations and constructing sustainable household structures we want to explore other ways of living together.

Within this project we want to initiate moments in which people come together and build a sense of community and collaboration. By initiating festivals, gatherings and interventions we want to break down the walls that exist between schools and the neighborhoods surrounding it. We will also build one extra home on wheels as a residency space for others to temporarily join this nomadic project. This way we want to constantly revive the energy within our community.